White | Report: Amateur MMA Fighter Donshay White Dies After Fight At Hardrock MMA 90

White took on Ricky Muse in a bout at Hardrock MMA 90 at Expo Fivein Louisville. Muse swarmed White and landed a volley of punches,prompting referee Gary Copeland to intervene at the 2:22 mark.According to the report, which was the first news outlet to reportthe unfortunate incident, White appeared to be exhausted andreceived immediate medical attention.

When White made his way backstage on his own, he collapsed andbecame unresponsive, the report stated. The fighter received CPRand was transported via ambulance to KentuckyOne Health Sts. Mary Elizabeth Hospital, where he passed away.

White last fought in November 2015, where he knocked out JohnJohnson Jr. in the first round at Hardrock MMA 76.

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