Tickle | The Ultimate Recap Live*: Episode Six

Some people have been angry that the new format of the uncover boundary the aptitude of storylines to rise but we regard they’re wrong. Just look at the intro of part 6 here. It starts the way we regard that all episodes from right away on should — Chris Tickle seeking up and saying, “Coach, we got diarrhea.” Provocative storytelling!

After that we obtain a summation of final week’s Chiesa vs Larsen fight. Michael Chiesa is a small romantic (understandably) after the free-for-all and feels that he done his recently-deceased parent unapproachable and gives a few admire to his mom. A evidently anxious Larsen still retains his grip on syntax as he yells, “[expletive] [expletive] that [expletive] [expletive] [expletive].”

While Larsen might be the next Walt Whitman, our friend “Bad” Tickle wastes no time receiving over the show. Obviously inebriated at the fights, he starts conversing rabble at everybody and all he can. Dominick Cruz tells him to close his mouth and Tickle responds, “I’m only being me!” Yes you of course are, and greatfully do not change.

We then obtain a small peek in to the Cruz/Tickle relationship. It’s engaging to say the least. It’s similar to the Odd Couple if Felix and Oscar were selected by one of those VH1 reality TV shows similar to Flavor of Love. Cruz can’t mount Tickle, but says, “I obviously admire the guy.” Tickle doesn’t similar to being coached, and Cruz has been pulling him hard all season. Naturally, Tickle then pulls Cruz in reserve and asks him to pull him harder heading up to his fight. Cut to: Chris Tickle eating corn dogs.

While the Cruz/Tickle attribute could use a speak from Dr. Drew, we then see how teammates Mike Rio and Justin Lawrence obtain along. Rio has had a crippled knee via the period and wishes that Coach Cruz would only give them a light day once in a while. Lawrence thinks Rio is soothing and tells the 30 year aged that in MMA, “You’re done at 30.” They after that have an rumpus at use where ring flattering sufficient turns in to a free-for-all with gloves. Rio gets the improved of the exchange, but at least Lawrence didn’t finish up similar to this man . Cruz explains that he orchestrated this on purpose, too, given Lawrence is so great that he’s not used to having to rebound back, but he’ll need that when he’s in the UFC.

Joe Proctor then tells his story. Born to alcoholic and drug abuser parents, his dad is right away washed and they have a burly relationship. Despite all the disturbance flourishing up, Proctor exudes a composed and stability. Urijah Faber sums it up immaculately when he says, “Always beware the dog with no bark.” Proctor gives me a small postponement for concern when he tells us, “I’m a belligerent guy, but we admire to bang.” Hasn’t he ever listened of Andy Wang?

Next we see how the TUF guys outlayed their Easter Sunday. It often involves H2O actions around the pool and formulating a improvise Slip N Slide out of back yard bags. Tickle is scheming a turkey cooking is to guys and tells his story. He was in and out of jail, drank a lot and and claims that, “MMA saved my life.” He moreover explains how he’s a educated warrior whose only trainer has been YouTube.

Cut to Team Cruz’ training where Dominick stresses the significance of Tickle avoiding takedowns. He knows that Tickle is a soldier and his most appropriate luck of winning is station there attacking. Coach Cruz moreover worries about Tickle not pacing himself and gassing early. Weigh-ins are sufficient reduction eventful than anticipated. Tickle eats a chop of pizza on the scale and during the glance down, he asks Proctor, “Smell my pizza?”

Now it’s free-for-all time and we obtain a rapid peek in to the locker rooms. Cruz tells Tickle to prevent throwing body kicks and Faber stresses the significance of footwork. Tickle doesn’t bring any props is to walkout, but if you look at the back them, you can see how easily the coaches ‘ portraits have evolved. we regard Urijah Faber should try rocking that handlebar mustache in actual life.

Round 1 — For a self taught fighter, Tickle obviously looks all right. He’s unquestionably a soldier and throws large far-reaching shots, but a few of them find their mark. Tickle gets the widespread location on Proctor clinching against the confine and hurts him with a right palm off the break. we regard that was all the determination Proctor indispensable to remind him, “Oh yeah, I’m a belligerent fighter.” The velicoproctor gets the the takedown with a notation left. The jiu-jitsu videos that Tickle watched contingency have been Melvin Guillard vs Joe Lauzon because he gives his back up immediately and Proctor sinks in the rear exposed choke. Tickle fights the stifle briefly, then taps out, giving Team Faber 3 wins in a row.

Read free-for-all inform

Dana quickly gives his thoughts on the free-for-all and had Tickle winning it. Urijah Faber talks and congratulates Tickle for not being a bad competition and receiving the loss responsibly. we regard it’s nice that we give people credit for things they’re ostensible to do. That’s because I’m pitching my, “Hey You Haven’t Gone to Prison!” card line to Hallmark this week. After that next week’s free-for-all is voiced and it’ll be John Cofer vs Vinc Pichel. Will Team Faber keep control? WIll “Bad” Bad Boy Tickle uncover up and elevate more trouble? What will be the initial thing eat with my fondue set? Find out this and more next week!

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Team Cruz (2-3)
Myles Jury – (0-1) mislaid a broken up preference to Al Iaquinta in part 4
Jeremy Larsen – (0-1) mislaid via unanimous preference to Mike Chiesa in part 5
Justin Lawrence – (1-0) won via KO over Cristiano Marcello in part 3
Vinc Pichel – schedule to free-for-all John Cofer in part 7
Mike Rio
Sam Sicilia
Chris Tickle – (0-1) mislaid via submission to Joe Proctor in part 6
James Vick – (1-0) won via KO over Daron Cruickshank in part 2

Team Faber (3-2)
Mike Chiesa – (1-0) won a unanimous preference over Jeremy Larsen in part 5
John Cofer – scheduled to free-for-all Vinc Pichel in part 7
Daron Cruickshank – (0-1) mislaid to James Vick in part 2
Al Iaquinta – (1-0) won a broken up preference over Myles Jury in part 4
Cristiano Marcello – (0-1) mislaid to Justin Lawrence in part 3
Andy Ogle
Joe Proctor – (1-0) submitted Chris Tickle in part 6
Chris Saunders

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