They’re | Don Frye On The Hardest He Was Ever Hit: It’d Have To Be Tank Abbott

In a recent interview with the SherdogRadio Network’s “Beatdown” show , Frye reflected on his time inthe sport, his prediction videos posted on YouTube and more.

On ‘Predator’s Predictions’: “We just got tired ofthe regular cookie-cutter TV shows or prediction shows or what haveyou. They’re just snorers. They put you to sleep. Everybody’s in asuit and tie. … These guys are sitting around in their K-Martsuits. They want to have a group hug. Nobody’s telling thetruth.”

On whether MMA is a sport or a spectacle: “It’s asport now, and that’s what happened to it. … Back when I fought inthe UFC, in the beginning, and I fought in Pride, we were fighting . Now it’s not a fight. It’s a sport. There’s quitea difference.”

On whether he prefers MMA as a fight or as asport: “I enjoyed it as a fight. I mean, that’sessentially what you were there to do, was to fight each other andsee who was best, prove who was best. Now, I mean, they’re muchbetter athletes. They’re much better trained. You can’t take thataway from them, but none of them have that killer instinct. That’sthe difference.”

On whether he likes NickDiaz : “Yeah, but I think he needs to spend more timethrowing punches than throwing fingers. If you’re going to insultsomebody, make sure you can whoop their ass. Whoop their ass andthen insult them. Don’t spend your time trying to flip them off andthen get your ass kicked. What does that prove?”

On whether there’s a place for Don Frye in modern-dayMMA: “I don’t think there’s a place for Don Frye in themodern-day world.”

On the hardest he was ever hit: “It’d have to be TankAbbott . He hit me in ’96. My first daughter was born in 2000,second daughter born in 2001, and they were born dizzy.”

On trading punches and taking punishment: “Thatwas my problem: I always wanted to see what the other guy had. Thelate Jeff Blatnick and I spoke about that one time. He says, ‘Well,if you don’t let them get into their game, haven’t you beat theirgame?’ Yeah, but I’m not smart enough or advanced enoughtechnically for that, so I want to beat them at their gamespecifically. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.”

On why he’s not involved with a pro wrestling organizationlike the WWE: “My problem was I couldn’t keep my mouthshut and I shot myself in the foot. You’ve got to understand, whenyou’re in pain, you’re in pain 24 hours a day. You try and mask itwith narcotics or alcohol or something like that, and it retardsyour brain. It makes you say completely stupid things. So as acomplete idiot and an asshole, I said things against the WWE whichwere none of my business and I had no knowledge of. I badmouthedthem and I’m an idiot because I didn’t know what the hell I wassaying. The McMahon family, they’re billionaires. So who the hellam I to complain about what they’re doing and say they’re doingsomething wrong? Obviously they’re doing something right.”

Listen to the fullinterview (beginning at 1:21:15) .

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