That’s | Holdsworth: The Fight Is What Matters

“I got a photo with Royce handing me my blue belt,” mentioned Holdsworth.

Game. Set. Match.

And whilst you giggle as he recounts his story, which, admittedly, proves that his photo with Gracie is improved than cave from the UFC 100 press room, it does express a key indicate when it comes to the 26-year-old from Sacramento. And that indicate is that notwithstanding being surrounded by the Gracies in his infirm years and right away being in the gym every day with Team Alpha Male squadmates similar to Urijah Faber , Joseph Benavidez , and Chad Mendes , he’s not going to be star struck by anything or any person in this game.

“I think that type of left me a long time ago,” he said. “I would see a lot of fighters, even before I changed to Sacramento, and I type of comprehend how it is, similar to being approached and not being able to do your own thing. So I see guys and say, I could go over and obtain a picture, but he’s may getting bombarded by a hundred not similar people and I’m only gonna let him be. I only look at them as friends. They’re all unequivocally cold friends and unequivocally cold practice partners, and they’re living their dream. Of course, I was a air blower before I was a fighter, and I still am a fan, but I do not unequivocally let that things worry me.”

Sometimes, that’s half the battle. So when the thought of receiving segment in the 18th period of the MMA reality array came up, it wasn’t a array of ‘what will I do’ questions. It was the next innate step is to earnest bantamweight.

“I knew that I put in my time as an amateur, I was creation my way up by the veteran ranks, and (UFC matchmaker) Sean Shelby had watched two of my formerly fights,” mentioned Holdsworth, who entered the contest with a 4-0 pro record. “So I knew I was on his radar, I knew Urijah and the group always put in a great word for me, so it was only a matter of time I think (to obtain to the UFC). But TUF was unquestionably a great opportunity, and I’m not gonna say it was the swift track, but I saw a doorway open and I jumped right by it. I think I’m a of the most appropriate at 135 and it was only a matter of time before I was able to showcase my gift and let people know who I am.”

If they didn’t know before, they know now. In 3 TUF 18 bouts, Holdsworth went 3 for three, submitting each of his foes ( Louis Fisette , Chris Beal , and Michael Wootten ) in the initial round. You could say it was a distributed outline by Holdsworth to complete each free-for-all as shortly as probable to be able to keep himself uninformed is to next encounter during the 6 week competition, but that’s the way he always fights.

“I complete fights,” he said. “I’m an assertive warrior and that’s only my style. I’m never gonna go in there and only look to lay and urge on somebody. That’s not what I do, it’s not in my DNA. There’s something about me, I obtain in there and always look is to finish. That’s the warrior I am and that’s always been my mentality. It’s a gain to obtain in there and obtain things over with quick, and I think it’s the most appropriate way to do things; complete the fight, obtain in and out, and pierce on.”

That’s not to say he didn’t obtain a few pre-show advice, most particularly from TUF 14 finalist and stream teammate TJ Dillashaw .

“TJ gave me a couple strategies,” mentioned Holdsworth. “The principal thing he mentioned was if you can free-for-all first, free-for-all first. He knew that once you free-for-all first, you’ll have that ample more time to reanimate up from injuries or re-peak and be ready is to semis, and that’s precisely what happened. I was cheerful I was able to do that. I was ready, I didn’t wish to lay around and consider fighting. I longed for to obtain that initial free-for-all out of the way, then re-look at things and only keep practice and keep getting better, and concentration on the semis.”

In the semis, Team Tate’s Holdsworth took out Michael Wootten, and right away he will face other Brit in Team Rousey’s Davey Grant this Saturday in Las Vegas. Of his foe, Holdsworth says, “He is a cold city slicker and I have a lot of apply oneself for him. We got along considerably well on the uncover and I have nothing bad to say about the guy. He’s a large 135er with a lot of strength and power. He’s a great technician as well. There’s a complaint though. He’s perplexing to take something that I want. So because not obtain in a fistfight over it? May the most appropriate human win.”

With Grant moreover finishing two of his 3 opponents on the uncover (semifinal enemy Anthony Gutierrez dispossessed when he was not able to to make weight), Saturday’s encounter has the future to be the a that at last steals the uncover from the ladies who assimilated the men on TUF 18. Yet notwithstanding the concentration being on the fairer sex during taping, Holdsworth isn’t worried by it.

“It didn’t unequivocally matter to me,” he said. “I type of felt, right away that I’m examination the show, that they are focusing on the girls a small bit more, but they’re perplexing to erect that division, it’s something new, and people are meddlesome in it, so I can see how that’s working out.”

See, Holdsworth isn’t meddlesome in the spotlight, celebrity, or anything else that is out of his hands. He’s here to do what he enjoys most, and that’s fight.

“I played sports flourishing up, and I was great at things, but I wasn’t a standout,” he said. “I wasn’t initial fibre in all I did, but when I found martial arts and war sports, I unequivocally felt that it was my calling. I found my passion, I found something I desired to do, and I found something I was great at, most importantly.”

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