Round | UFC Fight Night 113 Prelims: Danny Roberts Flattens Bobby Nash In Second Round

DannyRoberts got back on the winning track in a big way Sunday,knocking out Bobby Nash inthe second round of a welterweight fight that served as thefeatured preliminary bout of UFC Fight Night 113 “Nelson vs. Ponzinibbio” at the SSE HydroArena in Glasgow, Scotland.

In the opening round, the pair exchanged kicks and punches asRoberts (14-2) sought to use his southpaw stance and speedadvantage to his benefit. However, Nash was able to catch Roberts’leg and take him down. Roberts regained his feet quickly, but Nashtook him back down again late in the period and maintained controluntil the horn.

Roberts got back to moving around the Octagon in the second round,while Nash sought another takedown. “Hot Chocolate” weathered a lowblow on a kick and then landed a clean left hook that knocked outNash (9-3). Roberts landed one more hammerfist on his unconsciousfoe before RichMitchell was able to stop the fight at the 3:59 mark.

The Englishman, who was stopped by Mike Perry in the third round at UFC 204 in October 2016, is now 3-1 in theUFC and has won eight of his last nine, while “Nashty” has lostboth of his Octagon outings following a run of six straightvictories.

Neither man wanted to go through a feeling-out process, immediatelyexchanging punches and kicks. Despite having some clinches alongthe fence, neither fighter was wanting to take the fight to theground and Pantoja (18-2) landed some telling knees while Seerylooked to take wrist control and land some counterstrikes of hisown.

The second round opened with more clinch work on the fence andPantoja landed more knees while Seery (16-13) looked to landstrikes. Once the fighters regained the center of the Octagon,”2Tap” started to land more punches and take advantage of hisboxing skills. Pantoja, a Nova Uniao/Black House fighter, was busyhimself with counters and kicks, but “The Cannibal”‘s output didn’tquite match that of the Team Ryano representative.

After an exchange to open the third round, Pantoja got a takedownof Seery and soon took Seery’s back. Seery tried to maintaincontrol one of Pantoja’s wrists, but the 27-year-old Pantoja wasable to lock in the rear naked choke and earn a tapout — theseventh submission of his career — at the 2:31 mark.

The streaking Pantoja is now 2-0 in the UFC and has won 11 straightfights, while Seery closes his career with two straight defeats andthree losses in his last four.

Bofando Slams, Stops Ward
GaloreBofando was the beneficiary of an awkward landing by CharlieWard , earning a wild stoppage of the Irishman in a welterweightcontest. The official time was 2:10 of the opening frame.

Bofando (5-2) came out moving around the perimeter of the Octagonas Ward (3-3) took the center and the two exchanged punches. As thetwo clinched near the fence, Bofando grabbed Ward in a bodylock andthrew him to the mat. Ward’s head hit the mat hard and seeminglyleft him unconscious. Bofando pounced and landed several punchesbefore referee Marc Goddard stepped in to stop the fight.

Bofando, who was making his UFC debut, has won two straight andfive of his last six. Ward, an SBG Ireland representative, has losttwo straight.

Henry debuts with decision win over Teymur
DannyHenry took DanielTeymur to the deep waters and outworked him en route to aunanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-26) victory in a 155-poundfight.

Teymur — who had never been out of the first round in his previoussix professional fights — and Henry came out swinging and tradingstrikes, with “Kid Dynamite” getting the better of the exchanges.He knocked down Henry on multiple occasions and was able to stayclose enough to negate Henry’s height advantage and win the openinground.

Henry started the second round landing more strikes, but Teymur wasstill active in the exchanges and landed a spinning elbow/kneecombination that wobbled Henry (11-2). Henry recovered and earned atakedown and late in the round, Henry landed a body blow-uppercutcombination that decked Teymur. Henry got Teymur’s back and had arear-naked choke on, but Teymur was able to survive the period. Inthe final round, “The Hatchet” continued to apply pressure and tookthe fight to Teymur, rocking him with strikes and taking his back.Teymur (6-1) was able to defend Henry’s submission attempts, asHenry mounted him as well as took his back again, but he was unableto muster any offense and Henry was able to earn his fourthstraight win in his UFC debut. The Higher Level Martial Artsproduct is now 8-1 in his last nine fights.

Teymur, who represents the AllStars Training Center and is thebrother of UFC fighter DavidTeymur , dropped his first professional fight in his Octagondebut.

Johns Grapples Win Away from Morales
BrettJohns remained unbeaten by cruising to a unanimous decision –30-27, 30-27, 30-27 — victory over AlbertMorales in a bantamweight affair.

Johns (14-0) landed a takedown early in the opening round andlanded some ground and pound, including multiple elbows on theCalifornia native. Morales tried to gain wrist control and slowdown Johns’ punches, but was unable to do so and Johns spent therest of the opening round landing hammerfists, elbows and doingbody work from the top position.

Early in the second round, Morales was able to land several strikesand keep Johns at bay, but Johns eventually landed anothertakedown. Johns made an effort to pass guard, but instead of goingfor a submission, Johns would punch Morales when Morales (7-2-1)went to defend the guard pass. “The Pikey” continued working boththe body and head as Morales tried in vain to use butterfly hooksto push Johns away.

The final round started like the second with Morales getting thebetter of the striking exhanges and again Johns — a Chris ReesAcademy product — took the fight to the ground. Johns tookMorales’ back, but he was able to regain his guard. Johns made onemore attempt to end the fight early, framing an arm triangle, buthe was unable to lock it in and instead settled for the decisionvictory.

With the win, Johns earned his third straight decision victory,Morales fell to just 1-2-1 in his last four outings, all in theUFC.

Smith Overwhelms Lemos
LeslieSmith used continual pressure and striking combinations to takeout AmandaLemos via second-round TKO in a women’s bantamweight bout thatopened the 12-fight card.

Smith (10-7-1) — who has won two straight after alternating winsand losses in her last six outings — started the fight by applyingpressure and putting together combinations, even getting Lemos(6-1-1) to the floor. However, the Brazilian regained her feet andcontinued to try and find openings to counterstrike against Smith.After a clinch, Lemos was able to take Smith down and gained sidecontrol late in the opening round, but Smith was able to regain herfeet before the end of the round.

Smith, a CesarGracie Fight Team product, kept up the pressure in the secondround, utilizing combinations of punches and kicks to force Lemosagainst the fence. Lemos landed a hook that cut Smith, but Smithkept coming forward with multiple-strike combinations andeventually referee RichMitchell stepped in to halt the proceedings at the 2:53mark.

Lemos, a former JungleFight champion who fights for the Marajo Brothers Team,suffered the first loss of her professional career in her UFCdebut.

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