Round | Tavares Top Notch In Win Over Fukuda – UFC On FUEL TV 8 Prelim Results

The judges saw it 30-27 and 29-28 twice for Tavares, right away 10-2; Fukuda falls to 19-7.

A hard left palm opposite held Tavares off change in the gap notation and got Fukuda on the house first, and moments after that the Tokyo warrior held a flog and put the Hawaiian on his back a second time, getting himself off to a burly start. Tavares was undeterred by the early mishaps, stability to obtain to his feet, mount in the pocket, and hurl hard. In the last 90 seconds of the gap round, Tavares landed with a flog to the head and a few punches the upper story as well, display small courtesy for any incoming glow as he non-stop a cut on the overpass of his opponent’s nose.

By turn two, Tavares was bloodied beneath his left eye, but his standup diversion was winning the action, as Fukuda was always clearly a half-step at the back his younger enemy throughout. An apparent damage to his left palm didn’t show up to help counts possibly is to Japanese veteran.

There would be no doubt Fukuda’s heart and integrity though, as he one after another to press the action in the third round, alighting a few hard punches and two wash out kicks to the body in the process. Tavares kept his work rate going at a plain clip, capping off the splendid victory.


Kanagawa’s Takeya Mizugaki scored an romantic 3 turn broken up preference feat over Bryan Caraway in bantamweight action, violation in to tears after the outcome ” which gave him his initial two free-for-all win strain given 2008 – was announced,.

Scores were 29-28 twice and 28-29 for Mizugaki, who ups his record to 17-7-2; Caraway falls to 17-7.

While not scoring with any free-for-all altering objectionable attacks in the initial round, Mizugaki was able to keep Caraway at brook is to many part, at least until the finish of the gap stanza, when the American got him to the pad and looked to close in a submission before the bell intervened.

Mizugaki’s invulnerability remained parsimonious in the second, and with the add-on of hard punches to the body, he looked to be anticipating his range. But with two mins left, the two traded right hands, and it was Caraway’s carrying out the many damage, as Mizugaki fell to the canvas. Caraway attempted to finish with a electric chair choke, but Mizugaki fought loose, usually to then home in a rear exposed choke. Mizugaki once again found daytime and done it out of the round, but it was Caraway right away with movement on his side.

A notation in to the last round, a hard left harm and forsaken Caraway, putting the round right back in Mizugaki’s court. A Caraway takedown endeavor after he got back to his feet was tossed in reserve with ease, and Mizugaki’s certainty was clear as he tagged his foe. Caraway wouldn’t go away though, as he dismissed back and looked is to takedown, at last getting it with beneath two mins remaining. Mizugaki got honest immediately, but couldn’t elude his opponent’s clutches against the blockade as the last 60 seconds approached. With 30 seconds left, the two pennyless giveaway and traded punches until the last bell, garnering a well-deserved bark from the crowd.

Watch Mizugaki’s post-fight talk


Japan’s Kazuki Tokudome tender in his UFC debut, pulsation out a 3 turn unanimous preference feat over Brazilian oldster Cristiano Marcello .

All 3 judges saw it 30-27 for Tokudome, right away 12-3-1.

It looked similar to it was going to be an easy night’s work for Marcello (13-5), as he harm Tokudome with a couple right hands early in the gap round, but after a longed for flog landed the Brazilian on his back, Tokudome was able to use his plain belligerent invulnerability to set up lots of hard strikes in the second half of the round.

A furious fusillade by Marcello early in turn two was written to obtain a takedown, but it was Tokudome who used his opponent’s movement to obtain the outing to the canvas himself, and he resumed his belligerent and bruise assault on the bloodied Brazilian. With reduction than two mins left, umpire Thomas Fan restarted the action, and Marcello subsequently strike the takedown he was seeking for progressing in the round. Tokudome rose back to his feet quickly, and the tiredness was clear on Marcello’s face, particularly when the Tokyo visitor landed a rapid 1-2 before the bell finished the frame.

Going right palm funny once again in the third, Marcello paid is to furious swings when he ate a right palm from Tokudome that put him on the canvas. Tokudome pounced, and whilst he wasn’t able to finish, he did recover the widespread location on the mat. With beneath 3 mins left, the two took the free-for-all back to the feet, and after a standup stalemate, the two sealed up, with Tokudome alighting the takedown and sealing the feat on the scorecards.


Bantamweight awaiting Alex Caceres done it 3 true wins, using a late overload to eke out a 3 turn broken up preference win over South Korean visitor Kyung Ho Kang .

Scores were 29-28 twice and 28-29 for Caceres, who improves to 9-5; Kang falls to 11-7.

Kang showed no pointer of the initial time UFC jitters in the gap round, repetitively putting Caceres on his back and even alighting a hard right to the head late in the frame. Caceres attempted to stay active from the bottom and even topsy-turvy location on his challenger a couple times, but didn’t do sufficient to take the round.

There was more of the same from Kang in the second round, but this time Caceres was able to parlay his belligerent escapes in to a more poignant objectionable attack. Kang remained committed to his diversion outline though, with his takedowns stability to raise up the points.

Caceres came out with a clarity of coercion in the last frame, receiving value of a event by his challenger to obtain in to the tip location and unleash a array of belligerent strikes. After weathering the storm, Kang transient and found himself in Caceres’ guard, where he dismissed off his own strikes on the American. After the two rose, Kang surprisingly pulled guard, permitting Caceres the value location wise, as he changed in to the mount quickly with beneath a notation left, but the one-time Ultimate Fighter contestant was not able to to capitalize.


South Korean welterweight Hyun Gyu Lim private Marcelo Guimaraes from the ranks of the unbeaten in the opener, interlude the Brazilian with a wash out knee to the head in the second round.

Looking similar to a middleweight fighting a welterweight, Seoul’s Lim used his size and strength advantages to keep Guimaraes at brook for ample of the initial round, getting off the infrequent 1-2 as the Brazilian longed for on several takedown attempts. Guimaraes did home the many revelation blows of the turn though, with an uppercut and overhand right alighting wash out before he was able to use his foe’s hostility against him and at last strike a takedown with 30 seconds left.

Gaining more certainty with any fleeting moment, Guimaraes bloodied Lim’s nose in the second and moreover done great on a takedown attempt, even even though the South Korean got back to his feet quickly. Lim began to show signs of tiredness as the turn progressed, with his mouth gap wider and his hands dropping, but seconds later, with a singular left knee to the head, it was over, as Guimaraes fell hard to the mat, with a follow up fusillade bringing in umpire Thomas Fan to hindrance the encounter at the 4 notation mark.

With the win, Lim improves to 11-3-1; Guimaraes falls to 8-1-1.

Watch Lim’s post-fight talk

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