Hague | Update: UFC Heavyweight Veteran Tim Hague Taken Off Life Support, Dead At 34

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight Tim Hague hassuccumbed to the injuries he sustained in a knockout loss this pastFriday, in a boxing match. On Sunday, Hague was taken off lifesupport and pronounced dead at an Edmonton, Alberta hospital.

Hague was 34 years old.

The news of the UFC veteran’s death was confirmed by his sisterJackie Neil via Facebook on Sunday afternoon.

“It is with incredible sadness, sorrow and heartbreak to reportthat Tim has passed away today,” wrote Neil. “He was surrounded byfamily, listening to his favourite songs. We will miss him with sogreatly.”

On June 16, Hague boxed former Canadian Football Leaguefirst-overall pick Adam Braidwood and suffered a devastatingsecond-round knockout loss. Hague, who entered the bout with a 1-2pro boxing record, was knocked down three times in the first frame,but permitted to start the second round by referee LenKoivisto.

A right hand followed by a short left knocked Hague backward,stiff, leaving his unsupported head to bounce off of the ring mat.Hague remained down on the canvas for several minutes and afterbeing taken to the backstage area, reportedly suffered a seizureand was rushed to hospital, where he remained in critical conditionand was then pronounced brain dead in the hours that followed.

The card, which took place under the KO Boxing banner at the ShawConference Centre, was sanctioned and overseen by the EdmontonCombative Sports Commission (ECSC). In the 22 months prior to theBraidwood contest, Hague had been knocked out twice in the boxingring and four times in MMA bouts, six times in total. Braidwood isnow 8-1 (7 KOs) as a boxer.

A native of Boyle, Alberta, Hague posted a 21-13 pro MMA mark in adecade-long career, including five bouts in the UFC from May 2009to January 2011. “The Thrashing Machine,” a former kindergartenteacher, choked out Pat Barry in his debut at UFC 98, but droppedfour in a row inside the Octagon before being released by thepromotion.

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