Fight | Diaz’ Long Road From TUF 5

“I was deliberation leaving that night,” removed Diaz, who usually had 7 pro fights at the time, but when those 7 fights enclosed bouts with the likes of Koji Oishi , Joe Hurley , and Hermes Franca , it was expected that his call to the UFC was going to advance earlier rsther than than later.

But after a WEC loss to Franca in 2006, Diaz was approached to vie on TUF 5, and surprisingly ” at least to Diaz ” his hermit Nick and trainer Cesar Gracie were all is to idea.

“Me and my hermit would lay home and make fun of it,” mentioned Diaz. “And then my brother’s like, ‘yeah, you should go.'”

Diaz laughs, but it was no shouting matter more than 6 years ago. He stayed that night, but expected to travel off the next day. But then he was told by his group that he was going to fight, and Diaz motionless to stay for that encounter against Robert Emerson and then leave.

“I mentioned we can’t leave now, they wish me to free-for-all this guy,” he said. “So we stranded around, and a week went by, the slowest, longest week of my life. we fought Robert Emerson and we was in a great mood, and it was reduction stressful. So we mentioned I’ll hang around for a couple days.”

A couple days incited in to 6 weeks, and after it was all over, Diaz degraded Manny Gamburyan is to TUF 5 period pretension and a UFC contract.

“It unintentionally became a career,” mentioned Diaz, 28, a maestro of 18 UFC bouts. On Saturday, the Stockton local continues that unexpected, vocation against a lady who common the entire reality array experience with him in Gray Maynard . On TUF, Diaz submitted the one-time Michigan State University wrestler in the semifinals. In 2010, Maynard evened the measure with a shut broken up preference win. This week end in Vegas, they solve the score, even if Diaz believes there’s nothing unequivocally to settle.

“I won the initial free-for-all and we considered we won the final fight,” he said. “(After the fight) we recollect winning then saying that we lost.”

For Diaz, it’s a aware refrain, a that he and his hermit share. The way they see it, if you beat them on points, it’s usually not since they lost, but since they ran out of time. So do not speak about decisions with Nate or Nick; they’re not large fans of the 10 indicate contingency scoring system, or scoring systems at all.

“Gray, to me, isn’t that interesting of a fighter, and we regard I’m the improved fighter,” mentioned Diaz. “He might be improved at personification the diversion and winning the game, but as far as fighting’s concerned, we regard I’m improved than Gray. He hits hard, he wrestles hard, and he’s a great athlete. He’s unquestionably a difficult fighter, but he’s nothing we haven’t dealt with before since this will be the third fight. And everyone’s dangerous in this sport, and primarily for 3 five-minute rounds. If there was no time confine or rounds, I’d beat everyone since there would be no rush. That’s the dangerous part, not indispensably him, but the 15 mins to go a hundred miles an hour.”

Diaz means it too. He’s as aged college as it gets, and we’re not even conversing Royce Gracie in UFC 1 aged school, but guys display up to dare Rorion Gracie in his garage aged school. Sure, churned martial arts apropos a authorised and bona fide competition has been great is to careers of fighters similar to Diaz, but if you regard he wished he was fighting in the early 90s, that would may be accurate.

Obviously, that’s not the box though, and on Saturday he’ll have to attend to the manners he’s been dealt. As such, he’s still ready to go as he looks to spring back from and April loss to Josh Thomson .

“My assignment is always to win, and finishing is my initial objective,” he said. “I’m out there to complete the free-for-all always, and I’m practice hard to obtain the work done. We sight to free-for-all for actual and we regard these other guys are perplexing to figure out ways to free-for-all around fighting to win the rounds.”

He evidently points such explanation in Maynard’s direction, but Diaz isn’t too type possibly when it comes to the human who just beat him ” Thomson ” together with UFC lightweight winner Anthony Pettis .

“These guys free-for-all once a year,” mentioned Diaz of the two, who have both been tormented with injuries over the years. “They sound great is to camera, and we regard all this time they’re receiving off they’re spending a lot of time putting in service their camera skills. The way they do things unequivocally gets on my nerves newly and I’m the usually a out here active and we do not feel we obtain the credit we merit for it. we have more fights than many of the people in the UFC, so we wish to free-for-all these dudes who are getting all the credit.”

First up is Maynard.

“I’m more of a martial artist than him,” mentioned Diaz. “I regard he’s more of an contestant than me. So as far as fighting’s concerned, we regard I’m a improved warrior than him. we regard I’ve fought improved competition and ended off improved people than he has. It’s gonna be tough, so let’s go out there and see what happens. I’m here to finish, to take him out and do not obtain taken out.”

And after that?

“I regard if we beat him I’m gonna track down Pettis and Thomson and take them out.”

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