Arlovski | Andrei Arlovski On Greg Jackson: He’s Like A Big Brother For Me

After years of being regarded as a of the world’s bestheavyweights, the one-time UFC winner contemplated early retirement final year after sufferingfour uninterrupted losses dating back to January 2009, the final ofwhich came kindness of a heartless SergeiKharitonov correct offshoot in the gap turn of the Strikeforce heavyweight splendid prix.

Rather than cling to up his gloves, however, Arlovski ultimatelydeciding to go on fighting on the recommendation of buddy and trainerGreg Jackson. The 33-year-old has not mislaid since, many recentlyknocking out Devin Cole onSaturday night in the World Series of Fighting’s initial superstar on the NBC Sports Network.

“I conclude Greg Jackson,” Arlovski told after hisvictory at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. “Iasked him if we should retire, since a few of my [previous]trainers told me [to retire] after the Kharitonov fight. [Jackson]said, ‘Just advance to Albuquerque. We’re going to beginning everythingfrom a new place.'”

“The Pitbull” fritter away small time in disposing of Cole, snippet theInternational Fight League maestro with a true correct palm tothe church that knocked him off-kilter mid by the firstround. The whiskered Belarusian pursued the complete and accomplishedhis objective quickly, polishing off Cole with ground-and-pound in2:37.

“To be honest with you, we do not recollect how we forsaken him. we justremember that he fell down, and we saw an chance to throwhammerfists,” Arlovski said. “I’m really excited, and we appreciatethose people who are still around me, who are still my friends andwho sight me.”

One of the people who has stood by Arlovski has been Jackson, thefighter says. In fact, Arlovski believes that the many difficultstretch of his vocation might have transpired otherwise had he joinedJackson’s stay sooner.

“When we did the final sprints in the plateau before we came here,I said, ‘Greg, we admire you, man.’ He’s similar to a large hermit for me,”said Arlovski of his trainer. “He’s always in a great mood. He’ssmiling all the time. we recollect when we did sprints in the sanddunes. It was the final a or two sprints, and we was exhausted. Heraised my palm and said, ‘Listen, brother. If you need to, justgrab me, and we’re going to run together.’

“I regard that if we had proposed practice with Greg Jackson after the[Fedor] Emelianenko loss in 2009, it might be a not similar storyright now, but we regard all happens for a reason. I’m stillyoung. we still have a lot of free-for-all energy. we still wish to fight,and, more importantly, we wish to win all my fights.”

Though Arlovski does not know what will advance next for him in thecage, the heavyweight says he is diversion to vie at the WSOF ‘s sophomore eventuality next year if the stars align.

“So far, [the WSOF has] treated with colour me [well]. They put me on theirfirst principal event, and it was an honor,” mentioned Arlovski. “It’s up toWorld Series of Fighting, but if they wish to see me on their nextshow, I’m similar to Nike. Just do it.”

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