Roy Nelson announced his presence in the IFL by winning the IFL Heavyweight Belt. Roy is known primarily as a submissions specialist and ground technician, Nelson also has a growing reputation for his “ground and pound” and striking skills, knocking out both Bryan Vetell and Antoine Jaoude en route to becoming the league’s first heavyweight champion.

The Las Vegas native has helped train some of the top fighters in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world. As someone who says he was motivated to learn martial arts after watching “The Karate Kid” and classic American Ninja. Nelson is quickly making his mark in the sport with devastating finishes and an ebullient personality. Despite what many think of his physical attributes by looking at him, Roy has suprising speed and agility for his size and has the endurance necessary to finish fights even in later rounds.

A decorated grappling champion, known for his skills on the mat, Roy also has heavy hands and impressive striking technique. From his early days studying Shaolin Kung Fu. He has spent many years developing his stand-up game and has finished off just as many opponents with his devastating right hand and ground and pound as he has with his punishing submission skills. He is truly a mixed martial artist, well rounded and capable of bringing the fight to any range and skillset. He is one of the most exciting fighters who can finish the fight standing, or on the ground.

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