To The Mat | The Axe Murderer Forever: Silva KOs Stann – UFC On FUEL TV 8 Main Card Results

“I’m unapproachable to free-for-all for you,” mentioned Silva, who is right away 23-4-1, 1 NC in fights hold in Japan.

“Wanderlei’s always been a of my preferred fighters ever, he’s a of the fighters that desirous me to beginning this competition and I’m really unapproachable to have been segment of his career,” mentioned a friendly Stann. “As sufficient as this hurts right now, my heart’s damaged but I’m still unapproachable to have put my name on the line and to have fought him.”

It usually took 30 seconds is to tanned hide to beginning flying, and when it did, Silva took the early value as Stann slipped to the mat in the center of a fusillade that left the Marine Corps maestro with a cut on his nose. An indirect swap adored Stann, who put Silva down to the canvas, and after the two broke, it was usually a moment’s respite is to fighters and the throng to grasp their breath before the two intent again. An unconsidered low flog by Stann brought a short hindrance to the action mid by the round, and once the free-for-all resumed, both were seeking for a way to call a more permanent finish to the bout, this a with their fists. In the last minute, both traded again, with Silva attack the rug twice and Stann anticipating himself on the mat as good before they staid down on the mat until the bell.

Stann smiled and waved the thumping throng on as turn two began, and then it was right back to business, as he stalked the Brazilian fable around the Octagon. For his part, Silva was right away perplexing to collect his shots, but he was forthcoming up short. A second low flog by Stann drew a unrelenting bell from umpire Marc Goddard, but the American didn’t desert his shots to Silva’s lead leg. Silva remained studious though, and with reduction than a notation left, a right-left from Silva forsaken Stann to the mat. Four shots later, and Goddard intervened at the 4:08 mark, giving Silva a of the many gratifying wins of his storied career.

With the win, the 36-year-old Silva improves to 35-12-1 with 1 NC; Stann falls to 12-6. The encounter was hold in the light heavyweight division, with Stann approaching to pierce back to 185 pounds in the future.


The rebirth of Mark Hunt ‘s vocation one after another in the co-main event, with the Australia-based New Zealander knocking out Stefan Struve in the third turn of an interesting heavyweight scrap.

The win was the 38-year-old Hunt’s fourth straight, gnawing Struve’s 4 free-for-all winning strain in the process.

Hunt scored effectively with his low kicks as the free-for-all commenced, adding body shots to the blend as good before Struve pulled ensure in the second minute. Struve got down to business immediately, unconditional his way in to the mount. A array of belligerent strikes followed before Struve went for Hunt’s arm. Hunt got out of risk and got back in to the tip position, alighting a thudding right palm to the face. Struve kept working from the back, but Hunt got in to side manage as the bell finished the round.

Hunt began turn two by enormous Struve with a left hook, but the “Skyscraper” took it well, responding with a couple of unbending jabs. Hunt kept relocating forward, alighting more and more shots, a dangerous diversion for Struve to be playing. Midway by the round, Hunt dumbfounded the throng with a takedown of Struve, but the board is just where the Netherlands local longed for him, as he attempted to close up a leg. Hunt pennyless lax and then got in to side control, but it authorised Struve to way up and take Hunt down. Landing right in the mount, Struve dismissed away with both hands before roughly grabbing an arm, but he missed, vouchsafing Hunt obtain on tip once again at the bell.

A right left shook Struve early in the last round, and a notation after that Hunt did it again, this time for good, with a left offshoot toppling the youngster. Hunt walked away, and with Struve still dumbfounded on the mat, umpire Herb Dean intervened, finale the encounter strictly at the 1:44 mark.

With the win, Hunt improves to 9-7; Struve falls to 29-6.

Watch Hunt’s post-fight talk


It wasn’t pretty, and it of course wasn’t renouned with the fans in Saitama Super Arena, but Diego Sanchez ‘ lapse to the lightweight section was a successful one, as he scored a broken up preference win over Takanori Gomi .

Scores were 29-28 twice and 28-29 for Sanchez, who improves to 26-5; Gomi falls to 34-9 with 1 NC.

Perhaps conserving appetite after a coarse weight cut that saw him advance in at 158 pounds at Friday’s import in, Sanchez wasn’t his standard mad self in the early going, permitting Gomi to grasp a charming stroke early in the bout. Sanchez did obtain a takedown of “The Fireball Kid,” but Gomi effectively returned to his feet and got back to the business of tagging his opponent, who shortly showed blood on his forehead. As the seconds ticked down, Sanchez got a second takedown, which was followed by a kneebar attempt, but Gomi eluded trouble, and once standing, he tagged Sanchez with a hard body shot, the last leading matter in a plain turn is to hometown favorite.

Gomi’s left jabs to the head and right hands to the body one after another to measure in turn two, and he shortly updated a left offshoot to the arms depot as Sanchez attempted to reply with kicks that did small to deter his opponent. Sanchez’ accurateness with his strikes softened as the turn wore on, diagram himself closer by the bell.

Sanchez ran out of the dilemma to beginning the last round, but he proceeded to let Gomi lead as he looked to counter. And opposite he did in the gap two minutes, not permitting Gomi to obtain close enough to measure with rapid 1-2s. Gomi kept stalking, seasoned mixture takedown attempts along the way, and with the throng resolutely in his corner, he was able to grasp Sanchez with indicate scoring shots notwithstanding a late flurry from “The Dream.”

See highlights from the feat


With back-to-back wins over Alan Belcher last December and Hector Lombard Saturday night (Sunday in Japan), Yushin Okami put himself back in the middleweight pretension hunt, with his broken up preference feat over Cuba’s Lombard imprinting his initial win at home given 2006.

Scores were 29-28 twice and 28-29 for Okami, who has right away won 3 straight.

Lombard (32-4-1, 1 NC) was right in Okami’s face from the gap bell, seeking to home a of his free-for-all finale haymakers. Okami (30-7) waited for his chance to set upon back, and reduction than a notation in he did, scoring with a singular leg takedown. Lombard got back to his feet rapidly and went back on the attack, display no apply oneself for Okami’s power. Okami’s invulnerability was plain though, and his takedown diversion was on indicate as well, as he kept the Cuban from getting his offense in gear.

Okami’s poke was pointy in turn two, gripping Lombard at brook via the initial half of the frame, and as the second half commenced, a takedown updated to the Kanagawa native’s indicate total. In the last minute, Okami got in to the get up position, locking up another round.

Knowing that he indispensable a large finish, Lombard came out blustering in the third, and he harm Okami with a left to the side of the head. Okami shook off the belongings of the blow, but he wound up on his back moments later, with Lombard inhaling and exhaling blood. Okami hold on for dear life before creation at endeavor to obtain back to his feet, but Lombard wouldn’t let him obtain free. With 90 seconds remaining, the two rose, but shortly found themselves back on the canvas. Lombard was in the tip position, but his work rate wasn’t that of someone may wanting a impressive person or submission to win, and Okami was able to run out the timepiece and secure the win.

See highlights of Okami’s performance


Brazilian submission artist Rani Yahya survived a late assign from featherweight visitor Mizuto Hirota , winning a close, but unanimous preference to pierce to 3-1 in the UFC and 18-7 overall.

Scores were 29-28 across the board.

Yahya’s singular leg takedown worked similar to a magnetism as he got Hirota to the mat in the gap minute. Hirota (14-6-1) was able to obtain out of difficulty though, fighting his way in to the tip position. In response, Yahya swept his way in to the widespread spot, and he began to go to work to alleviate his enemy up for a submission attempt. And whilst Yahya didn’t obtain the finish in the initial 5 minutes, he did close up a widespread initial round.

Getting the free-for-all right back to the mat to beginning the second, Yahya stayed active and a step forward of Hirota, rapidly locking in an arm triangle choke. After a few tense moments, Yahya expelled the hold but stayed in manage is to rest of the frame, creation it 2-0 on the scorecards with relations ease.

Finally getting in to the free-for-all in turn three, Hirota roughly incited the tables on the Brazilian submission artist, relocating from a triangle stifle to an armbar endeavor during a scramble. Yahya pulled loose, once again receiving the reins of the free-for-all as the two sealed up against the fence. To his credit, Hirota wouldn’t give in, omitted a furious drifting knee and alighting a few belligerent strikes on the sleepy Yahya in the shutting minutes, but it was as well small as well late is to UFC debutant.

Watch highlights of the free-for-all


Welterweight contender Dong Hyun Kim constructed another Kim-esque performance, using his smothering belligerent attack to stop Siyar Bahadurzada for 3 rounds en highway to a obvious unanimous preference victory.

Scores were 30-27 across the board.

Surprisingly, Kim was the more active of the two in the standup area as the encounter opened, but his attacks missed or were shut off is to many part, as Bahadurzada looked to obtain his own shots off. Eventually though, Kim went to his bread and butter, receiving his challenger to the mat in the second half of the turn and getting in to the get up position. Kim dismissed away with short strikes to the head as Bahadurzada hold on, hoping to force a restart. Just before the finish of the round, Bahadurzada done his own fitness as he returned to his feet, albeit with Kim draped across his back.

Coming out with a clarity of coercion in the second, Bahadurzada swung extravagantly at Kim, usually to find himself back on the mat with the Busan, South Korea product simply implementing his belligerent assault. With beneath two mins left, Kim changed in to the get up position, with his active strikes gripping umpire Herb Dean from station the free-for-all back up.

Kim fritter away no time getting the takedown to open the last round, and in no time he was back in the mount. This time, Kim worked for an arm triangle choke, and whilst he didn’t obtain it, it just put more points in the bank for “Stun Gun,” who showboated and let Bahadurzada hit him in the last moments as he finished up the 15 notation win with more belligerent strikes.

With the win, Kim improves to 17-2-1 with 1 NC; Bahadurzada, who saw a 7 free-for-all winning strain snapped, falls to 21-5-1.

Fight highlights

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