In Round Two | Andrei Arlovski, ‘Rumble’ Johnson Shine In World Series Of Fighting Debut

Displaying the fearsome power that once done him a UFC champion,Arlovski prisoner a technical impressive person feat against Devin Cole inthe superstar of the promotion’s initial eventuality at the HollywoodResort and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

A correct palm to the church sent Cole acrobatics to the canvas, and afew hammerfists hermetically sealed the treat 2:37 in to the first round of theheavyweight contest. “The Pit Bull” is dominant in his final fourbouts, with a no-contest against Tim Sylvia atOne FC 5 the sole cut on his record during that time.

Arlovski hold an without doubt corner on the feet, as he began the fightlanding frail punches whilst staying out of operation of Cole’s attacks.The International Fight League maestro attempted to make the boutugly, unsuccessfully sharpened for a single-leg takedown beforepushing Arlovski in to the blockade and alighting a few partial knees to thethigh.

Cole’s efforts were short-lived, however, as the Jackson’s MMAproduct pennyless giveaway from the tie-up and forsaken his opponent withwhat incited out to be the fight-ending correct hand. Cole, who hadwon his formerly two bouts whilst competing beneath the Strikeforcebanner, hadn’t been stopped by strikes given a second-round TKOdefeat to RafaelCavalcante in 2007.

“Tonight we was the improved man,” Arlovski said. “I instruct [Cole] allthe most appropriate in his future MMA career. It was nothing personal — justbusiness. It’s only a fight. we apply oneself him a entire lot.”

‘Rumble’ Johnson Blasts Linderman

Johnson, who has won 3 true fights at 205 pounds, recoveredfrom an strong eye poke to home the wilful blow. When umpire HerbDean offering “Rumble” no respite, Linderman rushed deliver tocapitalize. It incited out to be the incorrect decision, as Johnson sawclearly sufficient to tumble his enemy with a absolute correct hand.

It was precisely the sort of summary Johnson had hoped to send.

“He only kept conversing about all this power and what he could dobecause he came down from heavyweight. we only showed him what a170-pounder can do,” mentioned Johnson, who outlayed the majority of histenure in the UFC at welterweight.

After infectious Linderman with a low flog to the crater only secondsinto the fight, Johnson went to work, throwing punches and headkicks with ruthless intent. He after that buckled the Cage Warriorsheavyweight aristocrat with a low flog and moreover worked someground-and-pound along the blockade after alighting a takedown. Withfour true wins given his UFC ouster, Johnson appears to behappy with where is vocation is headed.

“I’m only receiving it easy, training. I’m sipping a few coconuts onthe beach watchful for my next fight,” mentioned the Blackziliansmember.

Moraes Holds Off Torres

Buoyed by higher speed, transformation and a heterogeneous standup arsenal,Moraes outstruck the one-time World Extreme Cagefighting bantamweightking is to majority of 3 rounds to takeover a broken up verdict(30-27, 29-28, 28-29).

Moraes will right away face new WSOF signee Tyson Nam at afuture event.

Moraes was the invader from the outset, infectious a Torres kickand brisk with a flurry of punches. The XFC maestro landedwhipping low kicks via the contest, and he wobbled Torreswith a opposite punch late in round two. Despite 23 submissions onhis resume, Torres attempted only one takedown in the fight.

After struggling to home ample in the way of poignant offense inthe gap 10 minutes, Torres began to find the operation on his jabin the final frame. Moraes responded by executing the sole takedownof the free-for-all with 45 seconds remaining. However, the Floridaresident unsuccessful to do ample with the position, as Torres continuedto home offense from his back. It incited out to be as well little, toolate, however, as the promotion’s first distinguished merger lostfor the fifth time in 8 outings.

Spong Batters Bartlett, Wins MMA Debut

In a encounter where he did what he longed for when he wanted, theSurinamese-born Dutchman knocked out the overmatched TravisBartlett with a harmful true correct at the 3:15 spot ofround one. Although the Blackzilians associate had no prior MMAexperience, he owns a 68-6-1 record as a kickboxer, and his initialtrip to the confine was rarely anticipated.

“I’ve been fighting on the top turn for a long time, so we candeal with the pressure,” Spong (1-0) said. “A free-for-all is afight.”

Bartlett never had an answer is to charming of Spong, who flooredhis opponent with a head flog in the bout’s gap moments. Knownfor complicated hands of his own, Bartlett outlayed the majority of thefight with his back to the cage, giving Spong the immature light tounload with kicks and punches to his legs, head and body. When thedecisive set upon landed, Spong corroborated away, as if expecting amandatory 8 count. As it incited out, no follow-up wasnecessary.

Steele Knee Rocks Gracie

Gracie proposed quickly, receiving Steele down and working for anarm-triangle choke. When that failed, the Renzo Gracie protg transitioned to an armbar, but Steele was able to elude tohis feet. It wasn’t ample longer until the Alliance Martial ArtSystem deputy forsaken his enemy with a knee and then flurriedfor the finish, forcing umpire Chris Tognoni to end the encounter witheight seconds outstanding in the round.

Cobb Outduels Torres, Earns Split Verdict

Both fighters had their moments in the grappling-heavy battle. Inround one, Torres forsaken punches from back get up before closingthe support with an inverted triangle attempt. Cobb responded with apair of electric chair tries in round two — the second endeavor tighterthan the first — but any time the Brazilian was able toescape.

The two lightweights battled tooth-and-nail for positioning in thefinal stanza, with Cobb expected sealing the win with a latetakedown. The loss finished an 11-fight dominant strain for Torres,while Cobb has won 5 of his final 6 appearances.

Burkman Outpoints Harris

Burkman set the tinge early, as he pulpy Harris in to the fencebefore picking him up and slamming him to the canvas. From there,Burkman landed several hard knees to the body of his opponent asHarris sat against the cage.

Burkman encountered a few difficulty in round two, when he foundhimself trapped in a electric chair stifle is to improved segment of twominutes. However, “The People’s Warrior” done several gestures toindicate that he was fine, and he transient the hold with about 40seconds outstanding in the frame.

“It wasn’t as well close. It was parsimonious — have you guys seen GeraldHarris’ arms? Of march it’s gonna be tight,” Burkman said. “But Ihad space. we let the umpire know we was good. we think he wasgoing to break it up and when he didn’t we proposed throwing someknees and perplexing to get out of there.”

Burkman had a strong finish, scoring a late takedown and mountingHarris in the final verse to punctuate his victory.

‘JZ’ Cavalcante Taps O’Brien in 63 Seconds

O’Brien attempted to keep his Brazilian enemy at brook with kicks, butit wasn’t long before “JZ” was able to successfully govern adouble-leg takedown against the fencing. O’Brien attempted atriangle from his back before Cavalcante rolled is to leg lock.With his leg warped at a nasty angle, the Iowan had no choicebut to daub out. It was only the third win for Cavalcante in hislast 10 outings.

Branch Wins Duel of Octagon Vets

Branch done open-minded use of his poke via the contest, openinga low cut on top of his opponent’s left eyebrow in the final support anddislodging Jacoby’s spokesman on two other occasions. Jacobymounted his most appropriate offense in round two, towering Branch with aright palm early in the frame, but the Finney’s Hit Squadrepresentative was never able to find a conform to rhythm.

“I did beginning to find my range. we was perplexing to stand up with himmore than only take him to the ground,” mentioned Branch.

Carl Subs Blackmon

The win evident Iowan’s fifth uninterrupted free-for-all in which he finishedhis opponent by submission.

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